Dial Thermometer 1/2" NPT (3" Face x 6" Probe)

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  • Probe Length: 6"
  • Gauge Face: 3" Diameter
  • Temperature Range: 20-240 Deg. F
  • 1/2" NPT threads on back
  • Optional weldless fittings


Monitor your HLT, boil or mash temperature with this Threaded Dial Thermometer. Large 3" face makes reading easy. Measures temperatures in both F and C, and easily screws into a welded kettle coupler. Also attaches easily to the side of any kettle(with optional weldless fittings). Temperature range from 20 to 240 F. Great for use in a mash tun, however, it may be too long for a boil kettle. Probe length of 6" includes 1/2" threaded section. Approx 5 1/4" actual probe length after end of threads.

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