Stainless Steel Immersion Wort Chiller / Pre-Chiller 3/8" x 25'

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  • Can function as either a pre-chiller or standard wort chiller
  • Vinyl tubing for supply and exit lines
  • Both male and female garden hose fittings included
  • 25' stainless steel tubing, 3/8" diameter
  • 15" overall height
  • 12'' coil height
  • 9 1/4" coil diameter

Stainless Steel Wort Chiller / Pre-Chiller Description

Increase the efficiency of any immersion or counterflow wort chiller with this stainless steel pre-chiller from NY Brew Supply. If your supply water is not cold enough, you may not be able to obtain the desired wort temperature, especially when brewing lagers in warmer climates. This stainless steel pre-chiller will easily solve that problem. By using our pre-chiller, you will also greatly reduce the cooling time of your wort, thus increasing the efficiency of your chiller... all while impressing your friends at the same time! :)

Other pre-chillers on the market use a minimum amount of tubing, but that is not the case with our pre-chiller. NY Brew Supply uses approximately 25 feet of stainless steel tubing in the manufacturing of this product. That translates into a more versatile product that not only out performs the competition, but also allows this pre-chiller to serve double duty as a standard wort chiller!

To use this product to pre-chill, simply place it in your sink or bucket and fill with ice and water. Then connect one end of the pre-chiller to the supply water line (ie garden hose or sink), and the other end to the input of your wort chiller. The water coming out of this will be WAY colder than the water going in!

Type of Wort Chiller Immersion Wort Chiller
Length of Coil 25 feet
Type of Fittings Vinyl Tubing with Garden Hose Adapter
Coil Diameter (outside) 9-1/4 inches
Coil Height 12 inches
Overall Height 15 inches to top of risers

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