5lb CO2 Aluminum Cylinder (CO2 Tank)

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  • 5 lb Capacity
  • Measures approx 5-1/4" diameter, 17-1/2" tall
  • Compressed Gas Association (CGA) approved
  • Made in the USA
  • Shipped empty


Brand new high quality 5 lb. CO2 aluminum cylinder with NEW 320 valve is perfect for your home draft beer setup. Cylinder is made of aluminum, providing a durable, yet lightweight tank that will not rust. The Brass 320 valves are CGA approved, and have the proper male thread for CO2 Regulators. CGA-320 Valve Threads.

A 5lb CO2 tank contains enough gas to dispense approximately 20-25 home brew cornelius kegs (5 gallons), 18-20 sixth barrel kegs (5.23 gallons), 10-15 quarter barrel kegs (7.75 gallons), or 5-8 half barrel kegs (15.5 gallons).

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