FermWrap 40 Watt Fermentation Heater

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  • 11" Height x 25" Width
  • Comes wired and ready to plug in
  • Works with plastic or glass
  • With proper care this product can last several years
  • Able to heat liquid up 5-20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Greater surface area and heating potential than Brew Belt
  • 115 Volts
  • 40 Watts


Are you worried about your yeast staying warm enough as the temperatures begin to drop? Or do you simply want more control over your fermenting beverages? The FermWrap is the perfect product to keep brewing through the colder months as well as maintain a precise temperature range when fermenting. Use the FermWrap to increase your fermentation temperature by 5-20 degrees Fahrenheit depending on your insulation and ambient temperature. In addition, maintaining your temperature without much fluctuation will allow you to reproduce your recipes more precisely as well as keep your yeast happy and stress free. Simply use tape to stick your FermWrap to your fermentation vessel and plug it in to start the heating process. If a more accurate temperature range is desired then a temperature controller and thermal well can be easily added to pinpoint your ideal fermentation temperature within 1 degree. The FermWrap can be used with plastic buckets, better bottle carboys, and even glass carboys.

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