Flush Line for Jockey Box System

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This jockey box flush line makes cleaning out your jockey box system as easy as turning on your garden hose. This jumper line system is used to flush out your jockey box by running water from a garden hose through your coils and out your faucet eliminating any residue build up that may occur with regular use. This will only work with jockey boxes that have a wall coupling shank on the back. One side attaches to the rear shank the other side will screw on to a standard garden hose. Make sure the beer faucet is open or removed before turning on water. Make sure you only open the spigot on the garden hose a small amount as municipal water pressure can vary and may be high enough to dislodge lines if opened fully with the faucets in the closed position. We highly recommend flushing out your jockey box system before use and prior to storage. Water can then be pushed out of the line by connecting your CO2 tank/ regulator to the back of the jockey box. Maybe be Clear or Black tubing depending on current stock.

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