Inline Diffusion / Aeration / Oxygenation Stone Tee Assembly

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This inline tee assembly makes oxygenating or aerating your wort super simple and extremely efficient.  Can also be used for carbonating.

The gas input has a 1/4" hose barb, which connects to the internal 2 micron aeration stone.  This gas input can be connected to an air pump, or CO2 or Oxygen cylinder depending on the application.

The other two connections are 1/2" hose barbs (3/8" barbs also available on request).  Simply connect your input and output lines to those barbs, and either pump or gravity drain your wort though the inline tee assembly to oxygenate or aerate your wort on the way to the fermenter.

Made of durable Stainless Steel.  Use with an oxygen tank and regulator to aerate your wort.

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