Laboratory Thermometer

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  • Measures temperature
  • Temperature range: 0F to 220F
  • Approx 14" long


This thermometer allows you to read temperature of your wort or mash. Includes clear 14" storage tube. Temperature scale ranges from 0°-220° F. The colour of the glass of A.S.T.M thermometers is standardized in yellow giving a much better reading than the white back. This is a quality choice even if the white glass is usually less expensive than yellow. Graduation lines are fine and easily readable. The measurement scale is fused into the glass with a special manufacturing process makes it completely indelible and very resistant to chemical agents exept fluoridric acid and hot soda (to a lesser extent) because these 2 products attack the glass. Even if you can feel a slight relief on the glass, the thermometer is not engraved.

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