Refractometer - 0-32% Brix and 1.000-1.130 Specific Gravity Scale

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Product Specifications

  • Measures specific gravity and Brix
  • Brix scale: 0-32%
  • Specific gravity: 1.000-1.130
  • Accurate to + or - .2% Brix or .001 specific gravity
  • Automatically compensates for temperature
  • Includes calibration screwdriver, pipette, and instructions
  • No batteries required


Tired of wasting your precious wort while taking gravity readings? What if you only had to use a couple drops each time rather than have to completely submerge your hydrometer? This Precision Refractometer uses very little liquid and provides the user with accurate gravity and Brix readings. Since this product comes with automatic temperature compensation you can easily measure the gravity at any point during the mash or boil without having to do any calculations. Our refractometer does not require batteries and has dual scale readings in both Brix and specific gravity for any of your measurement needs. Once a measurement is taken, clean the refractometer by simply wiping the "daylight plate." Refractometers give their most accurate readings with unfermented wort, so we suggest you use a hydrometer when measuring final gravity. Comes with a hard storage case, pipette, calibration tool (screwdriver), instructions and cleaning cloth.

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