Shirron Plate Chiller

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  • Consists of 10 plates of 316 stainless steel
  • Clearly labeled to ensure that you connect everything properly
  • Includes detailed directions for use as well as cleaning
  • Does not include additional fittings or teflon tape


Tired of your wort taking forever to cool down and risking your batch becoming infected? The Shirron Cold Plate Chiller may be the solution to your problems. This plate chiller consists of 10 plates of 316 stainless steel sandwiched in between layers of pure copper. This provides a greater surface area and results in your wort cooling as fast as possible. Each plate chiller is pressure tested to check the quality of the seals between the plates. In order to ensure there will not be leaks it is suggested that you use teflon tape in order to tape over the threaded connections to make sure there is an airtight seal. It is also recommended that you sanitize your plate chiller before and after each use.

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