Stainless Steel Oetiker Stepless Ear Clamp - (11.3 mm) 7/16" I.D.

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Single Clamp
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  • 7/16" (11.3 mm) band inside diameter
  • Narrow band for a concentrated compression
  • Stepless design creates a uniform 360 degree seal.
  • Smooth inner circumference prevents damage to hose
  • Light weight and strong
  • Low clearance design
  • MPN: 16700007


An Oetiker clamp is a high quality stainless steel clamp, also known as an ear clamp, or stepless clamp. They provide a precise and concentrated compression to ensure a proper seal, and in many cases they are superior to worm-type clamps. Use a designated Oetiker crimp tool, or just a standard "nipper" tool to pinch these clamps tight.

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