Thermowell with Drilled Stopper

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  • Provides more precise temperature readings than external thermometers
  • Measures fermentation temperature accurately
  • Approx 15" long
  • Includes 6.5 stopper with 2 drilled holes
  • Does not include temperature controller


This thermowell used in conjunction with a temperature controller allows you to closely monitor your internal fermentation temperature. This is far superior than measuring the outside of your fermentation vessel because the temperature of your wort and your fermenter can vary greatly. The thermowell is useful because the temperature of the fermentation vessel does not always represent the temperature of the liquid inside. Since fermentation is an exothermic reaction it releases heat throughout the process and can result in a 4-10 degree difference between the fermenting wort and the fermentation vessel. Any slight difference in temperature could impact the yeast health as well as the quality of your final product. Using a thermowell and a temperature controller allows you to more accurately record your process, replicate your recipes with greater precision, and is especially useful when lagering your beer in order to compensate for the lag between ambient fridge temperature and the temperature of your beer. This will fit standard glass carboys that use a #6.5 bung. Works with Johnson control temperature probes as well as STC-1000 probes and Ranco ETC-111000 probe.

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